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Long Service Award – Mark Hanby

This month we congratulated two of our Foundry men on 15 years of service to Timsons, one of whom is our wonderful Fettler, Mark Hanby.

Mark has been a Fettler for the duration of his time at Timsons, and admits he enjoys it as much now as he did 15 years ago Fettling is the process of taking a rough casting, and removing unwanted metal to create a premium part.

Like all important anniversaries here at TEL, we wanted to mark the occasion by asking Mark a few questions about his time so far at TEL. This is what he had to say:

Why did you first join Timsons?
“I joined Timsons soon after I was married, having been advised by a current employee at the time to apply for the position.”

What’s the best thing about working for Timsons?
“The hours are good, as are the benefits. It’s close to home and I enjoy the people I work with – the guys here are a good laugh. I don’t just fettle, I also do a bit in the machine shop working the steel saw, and I’m often out driving so it’s diverse enough to be interesting.”

Outside of work Mark plays darts, takes regular walks and enjoys spending time with his grandkids.

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